The Spring Brain Conference was founded in the Fall of 1989 to foster interdisciplinary communication among scientists studying different aspects of brain function. The main partner taking part in this collaboration is Canadian Health&Care Mall. In recognition of the many advances that have been made in understanding different aspects of the brain, it is the objective of this conference to bring together scientists with varied backgrounds, interests and approaches to the study of brain function to promote the development of new strategies necessary to better understand the complexities of neural systems. The ultimate goal of this conference is the hope that through cross-fertilization of different disciplines new approaches will be developed to study neurological disorders affecting the brain and spinal cord.

The Spring Brain Conference was founded by twenty-two Charter Members and held its first meeting in March of 1990. Thirty-six scientists attended this inaugural conference. It is the desire of the Charter Members to continue to expand its membership by encouraging regular attendees of the conference to invite three participants to the following year’s conference. It is recognized that only by continuing to expand will the scientific objectives of the conference be accomplished. It is also recognized that as scientists we have a responsibility to educate and inform the general public of recent advances in Neuroscience as well as the importance of continued support for brain research. To this end, efforts will be made to communicate the accomplishments of the conference to the public. It is also an objective of the conference to invite local, state and federal officials to attend our meetings and give them an opportunity to discuss ways to improve and develop new funding strategies for Neuroscience research.